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“The best of the best. Dylan went above and beyond to get me my home. He took time to really understand exactly what I was looking for and put all his energy into finding it.”

Nick S.

“Dylan was introduced to us by our daughter who lives in Delray Beach. Dylan worked tirelessly to find the right property for our needs. He responded immediately to our questions and he took the lead with all aspects of the home buying process. The whole process of purchasing a home with Dylan as our Realtor moved along smoothly from locating an appropriate property up to and including the closing. I would highly recommend Dylan Lamb as a Realtor to others who are pursuing the purchase of a property.”

Katherine H.

“I was lucky enough to randomly find Dylan while signing up for a service. Best move I could make as Dylan is very professional, responsive and hard working. He is also very bright, understands the process and not afraid to ask questions and get answers quickly to unusual circumstances that arise. His communication is top notch as well and he listens to your needs and concerns. Top notch realtor!”

Jonathan S.

“We saw a property on the internet. We picked up the phone, called the number and the person picked up at the first ring. This we Dylan. He was as responsive during the entire experience. We told Dylan what we thought we were looking for and how much time we had to look. Dylan put together a large selection of properties and worked tirelessly to coordinate and dig deeper once we ventured out and he began to see what we were looking for in “real time”. I appreciate his efforts and believe if it wasn’t for Dylan, we probably would not have found something in the time we had. Dylan is young, fresh, casual and knowledgeable. Plus, if he doesn’t have the answer, he gets the answer as soon as possible. One of Dylan’s best skills is that he is actually a true listener. He also is a very good observer, and these qualities and skills enabled him to close the deal. I also cannot stress enough just how responsive I found Dylan to be during all phases of the deal. I recommend using Dylan. You won’t be let down. A pleasure to work with.”

Hilary G.

“Dylan is a great realtor. He helped my family find a great home that was just right for us. He was especially helpful in resolving all of our issues and questions quickly, and was always available to us, even at nights. If you’re looking for a realtor in Broward or Palm Beach, Dylan is definitely a great choice!”

Fernando L.

“Dylan is an exceptional guy! He is proactive (he was the very first agent to respond when I initially expressed an interest in purchasing property in Florida), pays careful attention to detail, responds (to this very day) with lightning speed, and always explains everything.

He worked around my travel plans and found something that exceeded my expectations. Consequently, I decided to relocate permanently!

All in all, Dylan is an extremely competent individual who has earned my utmost respect and admiration and it truly was my distinct privilege and pleasure to have worked with him. I recommend him without reservation!”

Rhonda F.

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